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"We rode along," he writes of his childhood in Santa Barbara ("for the newly wed and nearly dead") in the fifties and sixties, "in the wonderful unquestioned and unqualified emblems of ourselves.Christopher Buckley is, to borrow Major Bagstock's self-assessment in Charles Dickens' "Dombey and Son," a devilishly intelligent fellow. "I know San Francisco like my own face," said the greatest poet born in California.Much as I enjoy a good satire, they are quite difficult to find. So naturally one must settle for the political ones, for which Buckley is pretty famous.And so this is a story of a pompous self important wealthy and well connected Princeton educated Washington pundit whose life gets turned upside down when he experiences an alien abduction, and then another one.

To Breana's surprise, she turned around to find Chris on one knee asking for her hand in marriage.

(Nevada: .95; 224 pp.) Reading Christopher Buckley can be like listening to your teen-age son talking on the phone downstairs.

One thought leads easily to another, his sentences are sunny, breezy.

They were seated on the patio over looking the sailboat races taking place in the harbor.

After dinner they all went to walk along the rocks against the water to take pictures.

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