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Some of these skills are obtained out of necessity, but nevertheless many men find these qualities quite attractive.

Apart from its rich cultural heritage and fantastic landscape, Spain is known for its smoking hot senoritas.

That said, here’s my offer: I’ve never cheated, I don’t do drugs, play video games all day, sneak around behind your back, party or have kids everywhere that I don’t see”“I’m not going to spend lots an lots of money on you weekly not because I’m a cheap ass but because my kids need stuff more and they will always come first.

They came from my family jewels you did not.” “Those other guys on here – all liars.

There's also a surprising amount of hidden wisdom in Jess's adorkable ramblings and her roommates' offhand comments about dating and relationships. O'Rourke What's nice about my dating life is that I don't have to leave my house.— Sincerely, Women The trouble with living in sin is the shortage of closet space. - Linda Sunshine Stay away from girls who cry a lot or who look like they get pregnant easily or have careers. Adele has been forced to cancel her last two nights at Wembley Stadium due to damaged vocal chords.The 29-year-old posted a message online apologising to her fans and telling them she was 'devastated'.

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