Dating schrade walden knives

(AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) History of the Robeson Cutlery Company ( Roberson Cutlery Straight Razor ( Robeson Tang Stamps (CANoyes Photobucket) Schrade Tang Stamps ( Schrade Cut.

Military Knife "Brown Bone Four Blade Scout" Proudly made in the U.

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The roots of the Schrade Cutlery Company precede its founding in 1904.

True, that was the year brothers George, William, and Louis Schrade set up shop in Walden, New York, but George had been a student of mechanical objects since the mid-1880s, when he spent 10 years in New York City producing the working models inventors were obliged to submit to the U.

Hello, my fiance bought these pocket knives at a garage sale i was curious as how old they are just when were made frequently asked questions aka faq. Straight Razor Manufactures and Dates of Operation Use CTL F to Search schrade produced with respect for tradition.

The steel used for the blade is a traditional cutlery steel and stainless steel.

The Schrade Cutlery Company has a proud tradition of knife making dating back to 1892.

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