Been dating for one month

We talked the entire time I was gone but his last week he barely talked to me.We'd be in a middle of a conversation in texting around three pm and he'd stop talking to me till the next day, and do it all over again. You're lying in bed with the man you've fallen madly in love with. What are you thinking asking someone you've known for three months that question?? If someone's divorce is taking a long time to happen, it's either financial issues, a struggle to reach an agreement or laziness. When are we going to introduce our kids to each other? He might feel angry or hatred, even, but I think that there's a part of every divorced person (whether they want to admit it or not) that will always love a little part of his or her ex no matter what. It's only been a few months, but you are SURE he's the one. Do you expect him to answer, "Now that I've met YOU, I'm going to make sure my divorce is final next week so we can move in together, get married, merge our families and live happily ever after! I do know a few divorced guys who dive in head first into every relationship and end up divorced three or four times. That doesn't mean he will never get serious with you. No offense, but at the beginning of a relationship, the two of you are into each other. My opinion (and you can take it or leave it) is that you better be pretty darn sure it's going to work out when you bring your kids into the mix. If you have to say that to someone, you have your answer: Because he doesn't.

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Great questions to ask someone you've dated for less than a year: 1. We live on a campus of 400 students and we all left to go home for Thanksgiving.My boyfriend was gone for two weeks while I was only gone for one.the second innocent is when we got back he gave me his phone to text his mom.when I was going down the contact list under M's, there was a number in there under "my baby". I asked him and he told me it was his cousins baby mama's number and his cousin put it in.

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